About This

They say everyone is a film critic. Who said that? Those guys from Time Magazine said that. Richard Schickel and Richard Corliss. They claim that people have two jobs: their own and movie critic.

This is not true.

A critic is presumed to possess some intimate knowledge of the subject they are criticizing. Everyone else just has like, an “opinion” man. Armond White believes that nobody under the age of 30 should be a film critic.

He might be right from a certain point of view, however all things considered from an objective point of view, that’s just like, another “opinion”, and as far as I’m concerned he can go suck on this.

All opinions are not made equal. Opinions are not sacred ground. Opinions can be just as naive, ignorant, uneducated and stupid as the ass burger who announces them.

Am I one of those ass burgers?

I’ll let YOU decide!

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