Time is Merciless


My last entry was in March of 2011. It’s been more than two years since I’ve touched this and I can honestly say I’m a completely different person. So many things have happened since then that it would be wasteful to recount it all here since the time and energy would be better spent on more productive measures.

Long story short: Got dumped, moved to a new city, started college, got a job, got laid, quit my job, made some movies, made some friends, pissed people off, got laid, grew as a person. Well, I’m not sure about that last part, but I might as well run with it or the second sentence of the first paragraph will have been for shits and giggles.

At the very least, I’ve become a much more capable writer. Nolan knows everything prior to this post comes off like a script written by an eight year old..

..heeeyyy weight a minute. That don’t make sense…

..for what its worth..

I’m back, bitches!

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